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Earth Rhythms Releases First Fundraiser CD: "The Sound of Earth Rhythms: Spiritual Music from SolstiCelebration and Moonlady Night”

Buy this terrific CD and help raise funds for Earth Rhythms! Fifteen generous artists donated an array of songs as wide open as the artists’ hearts. Folk, opera, jazz, country, pop, inspirational, some funny, some sincere, all illuminate the human spirit. Three songs are available nowhere else on CD!

Relive beautiful memories from Winter SolstiCelebration and Moonlady Night. Turn your friends and family on to the incredible spiritual talent in this town.

Visit the Earth Rhythms Store and order your copy. We’ll mail it right away. You support is much appreciated!

Liner Notes - Click artist's name to play a segment of the song.

Kerri Arista ~ "Over The Moon" ~
A lovely song about the joys of hanging out at home on Sunday with someone you love and how integral that is to a spiritual life. Touching voice with plaintive overtones, completed by soft, skillful guitar.

“I’m over the Moon with you, surrounded by the stars. I’m over the Moon with you, heaven doesn’t seem so far… ”

Annie Benjamin ~ "Life's Blessings" ~
Speaking to friend who was down on her luck, Annie sings a song of gratitude with clear-eyed honesty and gospel truth. A touch of country styling makes it even more real. With intensity and grace, Annie gets down to the gritty seed of any situation and makes it whole.

“And just when you think you've seen the darkest, hours ever known by anyone. Just you remember that those shadows, could not exist without the Sun. Don't forget life's blessings. Keep love in your heart.”

Lainey Bernstein ~ "Miracle's Ledge" ~
A rhythm & blues tale of trust and release, of what happens when you let go and let God, with gospel passion with spare instrumental accompaniment that brings out the drama. Lainey’s coloratura voice shows incredible range from deep and rich to pure and soaring.

“Life’s riches await you, you know it is true. When you stretch your spirit, and let it pour through… I’ve been there before. My soul asked for more. So I stepped to the edge, of miracle’s ledge”

Kelly Brown and Rhett Butler ~ "Believe” ~
The luscious, soulful jazz voice of Kelly Brown entwined with the incredibly textured guitar work of Rhett Butler, in a song of finding faith in the deep of the night while feeling connected to the cosmos. Exquisitely beautiful and adeptly arranged with perfect accents of violin.

“It’s the hour when the Earth turns its back on the Moon, and I watch my world come alive. It’s not that the stars are no longer. We are just blinded by light. What we see and what we know are two different things. Sometimes you have to believe.”

dreamsicles ~ "Angel Wings" ~
Whimsical lyrics balanced by Tom’s gravely voice, in an exquisite arrangement with touches of poignant violin and the gentlest of percussion, highlighted by Cary’s lovely harmonies. A lullaby of a child’s pure vision of holiday magic, it’s classic dreamsicles: top production values combined with sincere spirit.

“Once upon a long time ago, God drew a circle in the snow. Around the very spot you’re in, round everything that might have been. Oh the weight of the world, the weight of the world is gone. And there is nothing left to fear. Here’s your present for the year. Can you hear the sleigh bells ring? Time to try your angel wings.”

Michael Gott ~ "Love Can Move The World" ~
Beautiful and inspiring, an anthem for our time, with Michael’s clear and soaring tenor. Full, rich piano work and perfect arrangement that remains in the memory for a long time.

“Love can move the world, as the Moon in the sky moves the sea. Love can cause the wars to cease, love can move this world to peace. It’s a time that begins with you and me. Love can move the world, as the warmth of the Sun moves the tree. Feel the wind of love increase, as we move this world to peace. Come love the world with me.”

Robin Hackett ~ "Now She Dances" ~
Upbeat, jazzy urban folk brought to life by Robin’s honest voice. Even with life’s hard breaks, she implores listeners to reach beyond the mundane to find the joy that feeds the spirit. Wildly bending electric guitar solos add to the authenticity of this big-city tale.

“It was not so long ago, she was tied down to the street, with dusty love and blackened angels shackled to her feet, and a host of holy water, talking about belief, belief in what you can not see.”

David Howard ~ “Cicadas” ~
Who knew that cicadas had a spiritual message? An upbeat song with a country twinge, wacky Hammond B3 organ trills and whimsical background vocals by Sara Hickman, all to a driving beat. David’s deep resonant voice gives this lighthearted tune a deeper spiritual sincerity and message about being in the life force by letting your self-expression flow freely.

“Hear the song that sings as you. Give it voice, nothing else will do. Let your life sing out loud. Make noise. Do the cicadas proud!”

J Kendel Johnson ~ "Soul to Soul" ~
The intangible and yet persistent nature of love is explored in this song, how the personal love we feel for one another is just one facet of the universal love. Reflective and introspective with graces of Andy Timmons’ electric guitar, deep satisfying piano work frames J’s low, gentle voice.

“For love will follow you, no matter where you roam. As far as you can travel, there's no distance, soul to soul… The roads we travel will lead us with the dawn. We gave each other comfort and the strength to carry on.”

Freddie Jones ~ “Tashia” ~
A song of dreaming, exploring and longing for peace, with Freddie’s smooth and loving trumpet that caresses, soothes and lifts the heart. A strong but spare deep drum and bass line move the song forward, making a framework for solos of graceful and light keyboards and vibes, brought together by memorable melodic trumpet riffs. A showcase of Freddie’s versatile trumpet sound, sometimes ethereal, sometimes jazzy, but always with superb intonation and eloquence.

Cornell Kinderknecht ~ "My People" ~
Calling to spirit with the power of breath, Cornell’s virtuosic world flute playing leads the listener on a journey of inner exploration. Native American flute played with amazingly clear intonation, combined with transverse bamboo flute, evoke the unity of humankind through the breath we share. Traces of oriental keyboard touches and delicate percussion complete this evocative song.

Steve Leach (Bob Monk Singers) ~ "Life in All Its Brilliance" ~
Showcasing Steve’s clear reedy voice, with the smooth harmonies the Bob Monk Singers are famed for, the song asks us to get busy living while staying flexible to deal with the unexpected. Strong guitar picking gives it a countryish flair with an unexpected splash of violin.

“When you’re haunted by dreams, it’s do or die, then you’re hurtling through the sky. What does it mean - this sign you’re given? It will be clear what you’ve been given. Life in all its brilliance is the only life worth living.”

Lu Mitchell ~ "This Too Shall Pass"~
The softer side of Lu, best known for her rollicking satire, with a sincere and comforting song of patience and compromise, written to console troubled souls. Direct and honest lyrics, complemented by sonorous cello and accented by Lu’s sensitive strumming.

“You have your hill to climb, I have one too. Each one must find a way, truth to pursue. Winter with chilly winds, passes when spring begins. This too shall pass, this too shall pass.”

Linda Petty ~ "The Time Is Now" ~
A Dallas legend for her renditions of classic ballads and showtunes, Linda truly shines on this original from band member Frank DeLeon. A peppy pace and lush orchestrated arrangement enliven the song of living life in the moment and releasing our tamped down emotions so that spirit can be free.

“There's a time for us. There's a time to realize how we can be. There's a soul inside, calling out to break away and set us free. The time is now.”

Geoffrey Ricketts and Matt Woodbury ~ "To the Tree" ~
Written especially for Winter SolstiCelebration 2005, with its theme of World Tree, this majestic stately piece features Geoffrey’s gorgeous classical harp and Matt’s profound baritone voice. Traditions and thoughts of ancient spiritual paths merge with the modern to create an inspirational aria for the natural world.

“Your roots have been my path, to the underworld, where the old ones share their secrets… I ponder your majesty, life force pulsing just out of sight, knowledge of the ages, buried in the pillar of your trunk.“

Produced for Earth Rhythms by
J. Kendel Johnson and Amy Martin
Assistant Producers
Cornell Kinderknecht and Rodney Steman
Graphic Design:
Scooter Smith
Liner Notes:
Amy Martin

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