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Earth Rhythms arose from the popularity of Winter SolstiCelebration. When the event moved from First Unitarian to the larger Cathedral of Hope, attendance grew to 750 and is still climbing. It was more than the loose-knit group of volunteers could handle and taxed event creator, producer, promoter and head volunteer Amy Martin to the limit.

You can read the complete Winter SolstiCelebration evolution here.

In early 2007, a group of devoted attendees and volunteers began to reorganize the production, bringing in Rodney Steman as assistant producer and Valerie Grimes on promotion and marketing. A name was chosen by group poll and mission statement written. The organization was formalized into an official nonprofit corporation and applied for tax-exempt status from the IRS.

A board of directors came together to help do all this. But we also let ourselves dare to dream. Why do all this organization just for Winter SolstiCelebration? What else does our community need? What would raise Dallas consciousness in a big way? How could a group like Earth Rhythms make that happen?

As Winter SolstiCelebration grew in popularity, it became a high-profile event with extensive media coverage. As it did, it changed the religious climate of Dallas, encouraging tolerance of many faiths. Other non-mainstream religious groups became more accepted and were able to be more public in their activities. Seasonal celebrations in general increased in popularity, encouraging urbanites to retain their connection to nature.

Earth Rhythms has now become an official tax-exempt non-profit with a thriving board of directors, advisory board and volunteer group. We've presented two Earth Rhythms presents concerts and are planning more. Winter SolstiCelebration is now supported by an interfaith team that includes Center for Spiritual Living and Unity of Dallas. For more, please see Our Projects.

Earth Rhythms
Our Mission
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